Healios will expand the possibilities for curing diseases to increase and further enrich quality of life through the development and supply of regenerative medicine products as part of the rapid progress of regenerative medicine taking place in the biotechnological revolution.


To foster
a “Life Explosion”
that enriches the lives of people around the world

Humanity is currently undergoing a phase of massive growth. Along with increases in global population levels, those currently alive today may very well see their life expectancies increase by a factor greater than anything seen before in human history. The concept of ‘living’ will be redefined in this era. Humanity will transition from an age of ‘How long can we live? ’ to one of ‘How should we live? ’.


By making use of the regenerative powers of iPSC therapies,
we will heal and bring hope to those worldwide who are suffering.
We will create a global infrastructure to develop,
manufacture and promote our therapies from within the Healios family of businesses.
We will build a biotechnology company founded on solid principles in which every individual can trust.


  1. Patients

    Are we thinking of and supporting our patients the best we can, using our time the most efficiently, giving our patients hope, and providing our patients with the latest and most effective treatments?

  2. Path Finder

    Are we blazing new trails ?

  3. Jump in 60

    Are we able to go in to battle only 60% ready ?

  4. Team Work

    Are we able to lean on our co-workers in time of need ?

  5. Look straight,
    Think straight,
    Talk straight

    Are we able to perceive and talk objectively about things without bias ?

  6. There is no bad weather,
    only bad clothing

    Are we ready for when it rains ?

  7. Shining 100

    Are we able to grasp the point immediately and, while following through 100%, pay close attention to detail to ensure nothing is neglected ?

  8. Snowball

    Are we able to visualize and realize an endless cycle of growth in adherence to our other core values ?

The Origin of Our Name

The name “Healios” is a combination of the name of Helios (God of the Sun in Greek mythology) and the word “heal,” in the hopes that we can provide a ray of light (hope) by providing treatments for intractable diseases to heal the afflicted.
This concept guides our efforts to carry out technical development for regenerative medicine for diseases that affect the tissues in the human body in the form of iPSC regenerative medicine and to be a worldwide pioneer in gaining approval for these drugs in order to provide many patients with treatments as soon as possible.