HEALIOS K.K. recognizes the importance of personal information and will strictly protect and properly handle such personal information as part of its business operation. We hereby declare that we will abide by the following measures.

With regard to personal information management, HEALIOS K.K. has in place regulations that have been disseminated to executive officers and employees. These are used to build and operate an internal management system.
HEALIOS K.K. strictly abides by all laws, national policies and other standards regulating information management. It works to handle all personal information with respect.
For the safe management of personal information, HEALIOS K.K. strives to prevent the disclosure, destruction or loss of personal information in order to ensure the accuracy, etc. of personal information. We will review the personal information management system appropriately and will rectify it as necessary.
Please use the Inquiry Form to file any complaints or communication about the manner in which HEALIOS K.K. handled personal information.