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Chairman and CEOHardy TS Kagimoto, MD

Hardy TS Kagimoto, MD

Hardy TS Kagimoto founded a biotech company after working at Kyushu University Hospital, where he developed an adjuvant to stain containing BBG250 (which had been invented by Kyushu University in Japan). The product was launched in Europe after a self-conducted Phase III study in India and the US, and is now established de-facto-standard status in ophthalmic surgery.
He then founded Healios K.K. in 2011 to realize his driving objective, the development of a therapy for age-related macular degeneration.

Yoshinari Matsuda

DirectorYoshinari Matsuda, Attorney-at-Law

Yoshinari Matsuda founded his own law office after working for a large law firm.
He has served in leading roles for multiple tasks in the M&A and finance fields. Since becoming a director at Healios in 2013, he has contributed to obtaining funding and established the company’s administrative organization, including business collaborations.

Michael Alfant

DirectorMichael Alfant

Michael Alfant is a former president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan and CEO of Fusion Systems Group.
With his abundant experience as an entrepreneur and manager of multinational enterprises, he has worked to build bridges between entrepreneurs in Japan and the US.
He became an outside director of Healios in 2013.

Jun Narimatsu

DirectorJun Narimatsu, Accountant

After working for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, Jun Narimatsu worked for the Department of Listing at the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the implementation of disclosure rules. He joined Cookpad Inc. and played a key role in the listing of the company after establishing a management system as CFO. While running his own company, he supports venture companies as an outside director.
He became a corporate auditor of Healios in 2014, then an outside director from 2018.

Ken Ishikawa

Director and Executive Officer in charge of administrative fieldKen Ishikawa

Ken Ishikawa has accumulated experiences in starting up businesses by working at consulting firms, venture businesses and other entities. After serving as General Manager of Human Resources and Administrative Departments at Cookpad Inc., he joined our company in 2013. He became Corporate Officer in 2014 and was assigned to a director in 2017.

Go Nakano

DirectorSeigo Kashii

Seigo Kashii became the Corporate Auditor & Chair of the Board of Auditors in 2011 after serving as the Corporate Officer & Vice President of Legal Affairs Group at Astellas Pharma Inc. (formerly Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) and President &CEO of its US subsidiaries.
From 2014, as Corporate Officer and Head of Integrity & Compliance Division at Novartis Pharma K.K. and the Japan Country Head in Novartis, he was in charge of reconstructing and reinforcing the integrity and compliance structure in Japan. He became our company’s Corporate Auditor in 2017.

In 2018 he became an outside director.

Gregory A. Bonfiglio

DirectorGregory A. Bonfiglio

Gregory A. Bonfiglio is the Founder and Managing Partner of Proteus, LLC, and investment and advisory firm focused on regenerative medicines (RM).  He began his career in venture capital as a Senior Partner with Anthem Venture Partners, after many years as Partner with Morrison & Foerster, a prominent international law firm.   He is a recognized leader in the RM field, has spoken and written extensively about the commercialization of RM technologies, has helped launch a number of successful RM companies, and has served on the Boards of many companies. 

He also currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Center for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) in Toronto, Canada. He became an outside director of Healios in 2018.

Richard P. Kincaid

DirectorRichard P. Kincaid

Richard Kincaid is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Nezu Asia Capital Management, a Hong Kong based hedge fund manager. He began his career at Goldman Sachs (Japan) Ltd. in 2000, and for eighteen years has been deeply involved in the Asian capital markets, with broad experience across investing, risk management, fund-raising and business management.

He became an outside director of Healios in 2018.

David W. Smith

DirectorDavid W. Smith

David W. Smith is the Vice President, Global Business Development for Lonza Corporation with a focus on emerging technologies. After working as pharmacist, he experienced various roles in pharmaceutical industries. In 2002 he started a cell therapy contract manufacturing and development business unit for Cambrex (acquired by Lonza in 2007). Since 2002 the cell and viral contract manufacturing organization at Cambrex/Lonza has manufactured more than 100 different regenerative medicine products that have been used in clinical trials.

He became an outside director of Healios in 2018.

Executive Officer

CEOHardy TS Kagimoto, MD

Hardy TS Kagimoto, MD
Masanori Sawada

Executive Officer, CMO (Chief Medical Officer)Masanori Sawada, MD, PhD, MBA

Masanori Sawada joined Healios K.K. in 2012, after working at the Department of Medicine in the Division of Respirology, Neurology, and Rheumatology at Kurume University Hospital.
His work helped to launch Kobe Research Institute, and he has contributed to establishing culturing methods for iPS cell–derived RPE cells at actual production levels.
He opened a collaborative research laboratory with Osaka University in 2014, and is now engaged in developing an automated cell culture system.

Al Reaves

Executive Officer in charge of overseas developmentAl Reaves, PhD

Al Reaves has consistently delivered important results in the development of medical drugs in the ophthalmologic field.
His lifework has been focused on the development of drugs for age-related macular degeneration, and while at Novartis, led the clinical development program for Visudyne and began the X-US development of Lucentis®, which became a standard of treatment for age-related macular degeneration and other retinal indications.
He became a director at Healios in 2013 after working for Acucela Inc. as Senior Vice President.

Kouichi Tamura

Executive Officer in charge of research and manufacturing / Head of Kobe Research InstituteKouichi Tamura, PhD

Kouichi Tamura led all Transplantation research projects at Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (currently Astellas Pharma Inc.), and played a core role to develop Tacrolimus, a cornerstone Immunosuppressant. After the merger to become Astellas, he served as a Senior Vice President and Director of Astellas Research Institute of America, and developed the Drug Discovery Research on Immunology, Inflammatory and Central Nervous System.

He became a Corporate Officer and Head of the Kobe Research Institute at Healios in 2014.

Michihisa Nishiyama

Executive Officer in charge of domestic developmentMichihisa Nishiyama

Michihisa Nishiyama led the global development of tacrolimus (Prograf®), a standard immunosuppressant, to a successful conclusion at Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (currently Astellas Pharma Inc.) After launching tacrolimus, he created a marketing network across more than 70 countries, including the US and European countries.
He has experience in both global development/marketing and managing biotech ventures.
He became an outside director of Healios in 2014, then a director in charge of domestic development since 2016.

Ken Ishikawa

Executive Officer in charge of administrative field and DirectorKen Ishikawa