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Archive : Past one year

March 13, 2018
NEWSHealios and Athersys Announce Binding Letter of Intent to Expand MultiStem Collaboration外部ページ
March 1, 2018
NEWSAppointment of Dr. Masayo Takahashi as Special Advisor to Healios外部ページ
February 27, 2018
NEWSAnnouncement about Nomination of New Board of Directors外部ページ
February 14, 2018
NEWS[Online presentation] FY2017 Financial Results外部ページ
February 14, 2018
NEWS[Material Uploaded] FY2017 Financial Results Presentation外部ページ
February 13, 2018
NEWSEstablishment of Healios N.A. Inc外部ページ
February 13, 2018
NEWSAnnouncement of Strategic Investment in GAIA BioMedicine Inc.外部ページ
January 17, 2018
NEWSAnnouncement about Clinical Research on Transplantation of Allogenic iPSC Derived RPE Cell Suspension in Subjects with AMD外部ページ
January 9, 2018
InformationPresentation at 2018 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference on Jan. 10, 2018 (Wed)
November 15, 2017
NEWS[Press Release] First Patient enrolled in TREASURE study外部ページ
November 8, 2017
NEWS[Material uploded] FY2017 3Q Financial Results Presentation外部ページ
October 25, 2017
NEWS[Press Release]The Status of a Clinical Trial of Adult Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine HLCM051 in Patients with Ischemic Stroke in Japan (TREASURE study)外部ページ
October 11, 2017
NEWS[Press Release]Stem Cell Product MultiStem Manufacturing Arrangements-to-be-developed.pdf外部ページ
September 27, 2017
InformationPresentation at Cell and Gene Meeting on the Mesa
September 1, 2017
NEWS[Press Release]The Status of a Clinical Trial of Adult Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine HLCM051 in Patients with Ischemic Stroke in Japan (TREASURE study)外部ページ
August 8, 2017
NEWS[Online presentation] FY2017 2Q Financial Results Presentation外部ページ
August 3, 2017
NEWS[Material uploded] FY2017 2Q Financial Results Presentation外部ページ
June 5, 2017
InformationHolding a Focus Session in ISSCR 2017 in Boston
May 17, 2017
NEWS[Press Release] Universal Cells, Inc’s Gene Editing Strategy Published in Nature Biotechnology外部ページ
May 12, 2017
NEWS[Material uploded] FY2017 1Q Financial Results Presentation外部ページ
March 23, 2017
NEWS[Press Release] The Results from Athersys’ Phase 2 Trial of MultiStem Cell Therapy for Treating Ischemic Stroke Patients in the United States and Europe Published in Lancet Neurology外部ページ
February 22, 2017
NEWS[Press Release] Announcement of Business and Capital Alliance Contract with Nikon Corporation外部ページ
February 15, 2017
NEWS[Material uploded] FY2016 Financial Results Presentation外部ページ
January 31, 2017
NEWS[Press Release]Announcement on transfer of business relating to ophthalmic surgical adjuvant containing BBG250外部ページ
January 11, 2017
NEWSPresentation at 2017 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference on Wednesday January 11, 2017 at 4:00pm PT (Webcast available)
November 9, 2016
NEWS[Press Release]HEALIOS Announces Execution of a Sublicense Agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited外部ページ
November 8, 2016
NEWS[Material uploded] FY2016 3Q Financial Results Presentation外部ページ
October 17, 2016
NEWSHealios to participate in a webcast on innovating for ophthalmic diseases on October 20外部ページ
August 31, 2016
NEWS[Press Release] HEALIOS Plans to Start a Clinical Trial of HLCM051 in Patients with Ischemic Stroke in Japan外部ページ
July 29, 2016
NEWS[Material uploded] FY2016 2Q Financial Results Presentation外部ページ
July 26, 2016
NEWS[Press Release] Joint R&D Related to Pre-Transplant Immune Reaction Testing Method for RPE Cells Derived from Allogeneic iPS Cells外部ページ
July 6, 2016
InformationPanelist at Bloomberg seminar on July 7th外部ページ
June 28, 2016
MediaCEO Kagimoto’s comments on Bloomberg news外部ページ
June 2, 2016
InformationPanel discussion at BIO 2016 in San Francisco, CA外部ページ
May 31, 2016
MediaInterview about the Partnership with Athersys外部ページ
May 19, 2016
InformationPresentation at World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress in London外部ページ
May 11, 2016
NEWS[Material uploded] FY2016 1Q Financial Results Presentation外部ページ
April 21, 2016
InformationPresentation at Stem Cell Summit 2016 in Boston外部ページ
April 6, 2016
NEWS[Press Release] Comments in regards to the collaborative research agreement with Universal Cells Inc.外部ページ
April 5, 2016
NEWSCollaborative research agreement with Universal Cells Inc.外部ページ
February 29, 2016
InformationHealios and Athersys – R&D Day on Feb. 4 Highlights外部ページ
February 18, 2016
InformationAthersys announced the positive results from Athersys’ Phase 2 clinical study外部ページ
January 27, 2016
NEWSHealios and Athersys Announce R&D Day外部ページ
January 12, 2016
InformationPresentation at the 34th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference
January 12, 2016
InformationPresentation at the 8th Annual Conference Biotech Showcase
January 8, 2016
NEWSAnnouncement of Collaboraion between Healios and Athersys for Regenerative Medicine Products Marketed in Japan using MultiStem Cell Therapy外部ページ
November 18, 2015
NEWS[Material uploded] FY2015 3Q Financial Results Presentation外部ページ
November 18, 2015
NEWSNotification of the Start of Research and Development for Products Related to Regenerative Medicine(Three-dimensional Organs)外部ページ
November 18, 2015
NEWSExpansion of the Market for Ophthalmic Surgical Adjuvant外部ページ
October 27, 2015
InformationSpeech at NYSCF 10th Annual Translational Stem Cell Research Conference
October 26, 2015
MediaInterview on Beacon Reports外部ページ
October 6, 2015
InformationPresentation at Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa 2015
October 5, 2015
MediaContribution to The Magazine ” Cell and Gene Therapy Insights”
July 28, 2015
InformationAttention to all our corporative investors; in order to inquire about our financial settlement for Q2, please email us from this link.外部ページ
July 28, 2015
NEWS[Material uploaded] Our Growth Potential外部ページ
May 12, 2015
NEWSNotice Regarding the Approval for Listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
April 10, 2015
NEWS[Material Uploaded] Hardy TS Kagimoto, President, gave a presentation at Nomura Investment Forum 2014 on December 5, 2014.外部ページ
March 17, 2015
NEWSThe Healios website has been renewed外部ページ
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