Healios presented at2022 Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa

At the Cell &Gene Meeting on the Mesa ( held in California, USA from October 11, our CFO Richard Kincaid gave a presentation (in English) on our business and company introduction, focusing on eNK cells. The presentation can be viewed at the following URL.

Date: 5:00-5:15PM(PDT), October 11, 2022
Presenter: Richard Kincaid, CFO
Presentation: 2022 Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa

The Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa is a conference sponsored by the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine. Held from October 11 to 13, the event was attended by listed and unlisted companies whose primary business is regenerative medicine and featured more than 100 panelists and speakers. In addition, more than 90 presentations highlighted the technical and clinical achievements of the past 12 months in the areas of cell therapy, gene therapy, gene editing, tissue engineering, and other regenerative medicine technologies.