Seeking interns for Stem cell culture/Transcriptome/Development biology in Japan

Healios is actively seeking interns who are passionate researcher and students.

The most attractive point in this recruitment is that you can enjoy opportunities to work in research and development using iPS cells with eminent world scientist and the latest global research team!

Would you like to try to realize together our mission, to foster a “Life Explosion” that enriches the lives of people around the world?

In this internship you will be involved in research on in-vitro reconstitution using pluripotent stem cells.

It is an environment where you can make use of your English language proficiency.

* Japanese language proficiency is preferred but not a requirement.

In case you are interested or you know someone who would want to make use of this opportunity please contact us.

We would inform more details of this position later.

We would be grateful if you would spread this news among your colleagues & friends.

Look forward to your active participation in this internship!

Thank you very much!

Healios recruitment team